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英语口译培训:诺基亚发布新款手机Lumia 925

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Scrambling to keep pace with its U.S. and Asian rivals, Finnish phone maker Nokia Corp. NOK1V.HE -5.17% on Tuesd...

Scrambling to keep pace with its U.S. and Asian rivals, Finnish phone maker Nokia Corp. NOK1V.HE -5.17% on Tuesday launched another addition to its Lumia Windows phone lineup, emphasizing high-end camera features, wireless charging and use of lightweight components.

  为努力追赶美国和亚洲竞争者的步伐,芬兰手机生产商诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)周二发布了搭载Windows操作系统的Lumia系列手机的又一成员,主打高品质拍照功能和无线充电,机身重量也更轻。
  While not considered a revolutionary product for Nokia, the Lumia 925 could help maintain momentum that Nokia has worked to create with the launch of a series of phones in recent weeks. By introducing a phone that incorporates aluminum in its construction and new photo apps into its operating system, the company is betting it can grab the attention of smartphone buyers who have a broader selection of mobile devices to choose from than ever before.
  虽然Lumia 925没有被认为是诺基亚的革命性产品,但它可能在一定程度上维持诺基亚这几周通过发布一系列手机所触发的良好势头。这款手机采用铝制机身,操作系统中加入了新的图像处理软件。诺基亚通过该手机的发布押注自己能获得智能手机买家的注意。买家现在可选择的移动产品比以往任何时候都更多。
  Nokia first launched its Lumia lineup in late 2011, as an attempt by Chief Executive Stephen Elop to spruce up the company's line of smartphones as it was losing market share to the likes of Apple Inc. AAPL -2.39% and Samsung Electronics Co. 005930.SE +1.56% Ltd. Now, more than a dozen different Lumia models are sold around the world.
  2011年末,诺基亚首次发布Lumia系列产品。这是在诺基亚的市场份额被苹果(Apple Inc.)和三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)等夺去后,诺基亚首席执行长埃洛普(Stephen Elop)塑造其智能手机阵容的一次尝试。目前,全球范围内有十几款不同的Lumia手机在售。
  Lumia sales rose significantly on a quarterly basis during the first three months of 2013, helping offset a dramatic decline in the sales of Nokia's basic mobile phones. But Nokia's rivals are still way ahead in terms of sales. About 5.1 million Lumias were sold in the first quarter, compared with Samsung's 64.7 million smartphone sales and Apple's 38.3 million iPhone deliveries, according to data released by research firm Gartner Inc. IT +1.40% on Tuesday.
  2013年前三个月,Lumia销量较去年第四季度明显增加,这在一定程度上抵消了诺基亚基本款手机销量大幅下降的影响。但诺基亚的竞争对手在销量方面仍遥遥领先。研究公司Gartner Inc.周二发布的数据显示,今年第一季度诺基亚售出了约510万部Lumia,三星电子售出了6,470万部智能手机,苹果iPhone的出货量为3,830万部。
  Tuesday's Lumia 925 launch, staged in London after months of speculation about Nokia's plans, comes as the company continues to fall behind Samsung in global mobile device sales. In the first quarter of 2013, once-dominant Nokia held 14.8% of the market, far behind Samsung's 23.6%, Gartner said.
  诺基亚周二在伦敦举行了Lumia 925发布会,此前外界曾连续数月猜测该公司的手机计划。在全球移动产品销售方面,诺基亚仍落后于三星。据Gartner 统计,2013年第一季度,曾为手机“霸主”的诺基亚占有14.8%的市场份额,远落后于三星的23.6%。
  The Lumia 925, a traditional smartphone with a 4.5-inch screen, was launched after months of speculation suggesting Nokia would enter the so-called phablet fray with a device that is a hybrid between a tablet and a phone. In terms of technical hardware and screen size, the Lumia 925 is very similar to the Lumia 920 flagship device that started selling in November last year.
  Lumia 925配有4.5英寸屏幕,属传统智能手机。该手机发布前,外界持续数月的猜测认为,诺基亚将携一种集平板电脑和手机为一体的混合产品进入所谓的“平板手机”领域。在技术硬件和屏幕尺寸方面,Lumia 925与旗舰产品Lumia 920非常相似,后者于去年11月发售。
  Jo Harlow, Nokia's head of smart devices, said the company will continue evolving its Windows phones in the months to come. 'Later this summer we will continue to bring innovation and new experience to our Lumia portfolio,' Ms. Harlow said, without giving more detail.
  诺基亚智能手机业务负责人哈洛(Jo Harlow)说,未来几个月公司将继续研发基于Windows系统的手机。她说,今年夏天晚些时候Lumia组合将继续带来创新和新体验。此外她没有透露更多细节。
  The Lumia 925 will go on sale in Europe and China in June, available through Vodafone Group VOD.LN 0.00% PLC in Europe for 469 ($609) and two Chinese operators─China Moblie and China Unicom. It will launch in other markets, including the U.S. via T-Mobile Inc. stores, at a later date.
  Lumia 925将于今年6月在欧洲和中国发售。该手机的欧洲售价为469欧元(合609美元),其运营商为沃达丰空中通讯公司(Vodafone Group),在中国则由中国移动(China Moblie)和中国联通(China Unicom)销售。晚些时候,这款手机还将在美国等市场开售。美国市场将由运营商T-Mobile Inc.销售。
  The announcement follows two phone debuts last week─the Asha 501 for emerging markets and the Lumia 928 for U.S. consumers.
  Lumia 925问世前,诺基亚在上周刚刚发布了两款手机,分别是面向新兴市场的Asha 501和面向美国消费者的Lumia 928。
  Ms. Harlow, one of Mr. Elop's top lieutenants, spent much of Tuesday's news briefing discussing the Lumia 925's abilities as a camera and photo publisher. A sixth lens, for instance, will assist photography in lowlight situations and a 'Smart Camera' feature captures multiple features at once.
  在周二的新闻发布会上,身为埃洛普高级助理的哈洛主要都在介绍Lumia 925的拍照和图片发布功能。例如,该手机配备的第六个光学镜片可在光线较暗的环境下协助成像,而Smart Camera功能则能在极短时间内连拍多张照片。
  At one point, a Nokia executive joined Ms. Harlow on stage and said, 'We push camera technology like crazy.'
  Ms. Harlow also introduced a new photo app developed exclusively for Nokia's new phone: Oggl. The app, developed by Hipstamatic, allows users put different filters to the images they have taken with their smartphones and upload their images easily to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  哈洛还介绍了一个专为Lumia 925研发的新图片应用程序:Oggl。该程序由Hipstamatic研发,用户可通过这款软件对手机拍摄的照片使用不同的滤镜,然后将图片轻松上传到Facebook、推特(Twitter)和Instagram等社交媒体平台。
  Stuart Robinson, an analyst at Strategy Analytics, called the new device 'good,' but said it falls short of being 'a leap forward in the industry.' He was disappointed by the new device's 8.7-megapixel image sensor, which is already available on the Lumia 920 that was launched late last year.
  Strategy Analytics的分析师鲁宾逊(Stuart Robinson)说,这款新手机不错,但还不是业界的跨越之作。他对Lumia 925配备的870万像素图像传感器感到失望。去年末发布的Lumia 920配备了同样的传感器。
  Mr. Robinson, however, applauded Nokia's move to use aluminum to take about 25% of the weight out of the device, representing 'a definite improvement.' The Lumia 925 also features a charging cover that attaches to the back of the device and refreshes the battery without the use of a cord.
  不过对于诺基亚使用铝材从而将整机重量减轻了约25%的做法,鲁宾逊却大加赞赏,说这是一大改进。此外,Lumia 925还有一个充电外壳,可附于机身后部进行无线充电。



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