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hi I downloaded you alfa file manager v1.2 script. and to my great disappointment it wasnt working. i can see all the maps but i cant create a new map or upload any files, and if i put a picture in some of the maps it aint showing up in the script. are you aware of this problem or is it just me doing something wrong? plz help me    
Responded: nommee

I have had a few problems with it as well looks liek a nice script as well once the bugs are ironed out.

Was trying to use the editor on it but on the edit form the action is wrong it has $fil instead of $edit_fil so it gives the wrong file name to start with to edit fixed that and now.

also found a . on this line

$out  .= "$part\n";

Warning: fopen($burl): failed to open stream: Permission denied on line 226Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource on line 227Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource  on line 228

trying to go through it but its not my kind of php with

Responded: lordshoa

fixed problem with editing form action

should be


this line also

nf = fopen("$burl", "w";

should be

nf = fopen($burl, w);

is this line supposed to have a dot in it ?

$out .= "$part\n";


Responded: lordshoa

I put your afm.php file in here but it doesn't work! my server supports PHP but I don't know what is the problem. would you help me?
Responded: jkope7



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